Traveling by plane


Plane is an essential mode of transportation when it comes to traveling. Thanks to its comfort and its rapidity, it enables you to easily discover countries located on the other side of the planet. Whether you are an experienced traveler or a beginner, check the following advice for a safe and pleasant flight.



Your flight is only in a few days, but you are already affected by a mix of stress, fear and excitation. Don’t let yourself being overwhelmed with these emotions, and prepare your organism to enjoy a safe flight.

  • Reinforce your immune system. Be aware that confined and crowded places like planes are not 100 % safe regarding the transmission of infectious diseases. Moreover, even if the ventilation system is optimized, the percentage of oxygen in the plane is decreasing with altitude, and this can be a problem for people suffering from respiratory disorders. Before your flight, see your doctor to make sure you are vaccinated against infectious diseases and to seek advice regarding all the precautions you should take in the plane.
  • Learn to manage your fear. For some people, traveling by plane is a banal experience, while for some others, it is a real ordeal. If you feel anxious at the idea of flying, you can undergo a basic theoretical and practical training, to better understand the functioning of a plane and to efficiently manage your fears. If your stress is strong to the point of being disabling, it is also possible to consult a psychologist, who will help you find the cause of your anxiety and overcome it.



Spending hours in a plane is very tiring. To arrive at your destination in good shape, try to make your flight as pleasant as possible : 

  • Keep yourself entertained throughout the flight by keeping your mind busy. Read a book, play a game, listen to music, watch a movie… If you feel bored or tired, rest and sleep. If the noise of the plane or of other passengers is disturbing you, use ear plugs.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water or fruit juice, as the air inside planes is dry and favors dehydration. Don’t hesitate to regularly ask water to the cabin crew. But avoid drinking alcohol, tea or coffee.
  • Don’t eat too much during the flight to avoid digestive disorders.
  • Frequently move to optimize your blood circulation and avoid thrombosis. Stand up and walk along the aisle at least every two hours. You can take this opportunity to go to the bathroom. 
  • If you get overwhelmed with intense anxiety, practice deep-breathing exercises to calm down. Don’t hesitate to speak about your anxiety with a member of the crew, they are trained to help the passengers in this kind of situation.

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