Blood Testing

Summit Health offers blood tests through CDL Laboratories. We offer not only travel specific blood tests for covid and hepatitis antibodies but other blood tests for general health needs (e.g., thyroid, fertility, diabetes)

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How It Works

Our team of nurses will take your blood sample and ensure it is processed quickly at our partner lab – all at no additional cost to you. 

Results from your test are sent directly to your referring doctor 

Schedule Your Appointment

To book a blood test please fille in the form below and our team will call you to setup a time. We require a requisition from a medical professional for any blood test. 

    How Much Does A Blood Test Cost?

    We offer the same pricing as CDL labs and do not add any additional fees for the collection or transportation of your sample. We believe in pricing  transparency and list all of our prices and services here our pricing can also be seen on the CDL website as well