Summit Health Pharmacy Connect

Summit Health offers a strategic partnership with selected pharmacies to reduce the difficulty of offering travel health services. Summit’s unique offering allows pharmacists to increase revenue with no additional cost.

How It Works

Summit Health Advertises To Patients

  • Patients are made aware of services through Summit Health’s advertising network

  • Pharmacies are provided in-store marketing material by Summit Health

Patients Perform Online Travel Consultations

  • Patients perform a virtual consultation with Summit Health’s trained nurse

  • Patient’s pay Summit Health a virtual consultation fee

Vaccinations are prescribed and sent directly to the referring pharmacy

  • A post-consultation prescription is sent directly to the referring pharmacy including medications and vaccinations

Patients receive injections at the pharmacy

  • Vaccinations are given by the pharmacist
  • Medications and additional products are paid for directly through the pharmacy


Benefits For Pharmacies

  • Summit Health handles the complex requirements of scheduling & telemedicine for travel consultations.
  • No need to train your team with the constantly changing travel vaccination requirements
  • Drive high-margin, high-efficiency traffic to your store with prescriptions in hand
  • Get new patients sent to your pharmacy with no advertising cost from one of Canada’s largest travel clinics


Contact Us To Learn More

Our team will help answer any additional questions you have about the program and how it can benefit your pharmacy