St-Jérôme, QC

200 rue Durand, Suite 306, St-Jérôme, QC J7Z7E2

We’re Pleased To Announce That We Are Back!

Our travel health clinic is :

  • One-stop clinic: Appointments that will cover all your travel health needs, from recommended vaccines, medication and prescriptions for malaria pills.
  • Educate and safeguard: our well-educated nursing team will ensure you avoid any current disease outbreaks and provide tips & tricks to stay safe abroad.
  • Perfectly located: 

We are the preferred Travel Health clinic for family physician referrals in Place-Laurier, Lesage, Sainte-Sophie, and Domaine-Richer.

Book a travel consultation online or call us at 438-266-0855.

TRAVEL CONSULTATIONS at our clinic located in St-Jérôme

We prepare our travellers to avoid diseases like meningitis and mosquito-borne diseases like malaria. Our doctors can prescribe traveller’s diarrhea (ETEC) medication and make sure you’re up to date on routine immunizations. During a consultation, one of our travel health nurses will:

  • Assess your childhood immunization records and your medical history.
  • Explain the risks of exotic diseases and any ongoing outbreaks in your destination.
  • Discuss and administer vaccinations against polio, hepatitis A, and other common diseases and prescribe the required medications.
  • Address all your possible travel health inquiries.

We help all types of travellers to see the world, safely: couples going on their honeymoon to Peru, audacious backpackers travelling across Europe or Business people heading to China. Our advice is distinct and custom-built to your health and type of journey.


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