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We offer travel vaccines, travel medications, personal health assessments, routine vaccinations, and medical advice across Quebec and Ontario.

Vaccination Services

We offer a variety of vaccination services including travel consultations and boosters. Our network of clinics means we have vaccines available and with competitive prices including yellow fever


Travel safe, meet with one of our travel health specialists and get vaccinated before your trip

  • Discounts for couples & groups
  • Vaccinations the same day
  • Prescription included
  • Certified yellow fever clinics
  • Travel health recommendations & advice


Stay on track with you vaccination series with vaccines in stock and available

  • No consultation fee
  • Vaccines in stock and available
  • Competitive pricing
  • Free appointment cancelations
  • Vaccine series follow ups


For all non-travel related vaccinations including Shingles & HPV

  • No consultation fee
  • Vaccines in stock and available
  • Competitive pricing
  • Availabilities across Quebec anytime
  • Vaccine series follow ups

Do You Require A TB (Tuberculosis) Skin Test?

Summit Health offers tuberculin skin tests (also called Mantoux tuberculin tests). Get certified results from our medical team

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Travel vaccination

Travel Consultation & Vaccination

The nurse will determine your risk factors for certain preventable diseases in accordance with your destination, length of stay, type of trip, and your medical and immunization history.

test COVID 19

COVID Testing

We offer COVID-19 testing for all ages in accordance with current government requirements. Receive an attestation of negative test result that meets international travel requirements.

Zona vaccination

Shingles Vaccination

There is no cure for shingles, however thankfully there is a vaccine that can help keep you from developing shingles or reduce the severity of your symptoms and complications from virus.

Flu Vaccination

The flu vaccine can help you steer clear of the flu and of its potential consequences. The flu vaccine also allows you to protect your loved ones and the vulnerable populations you may encounter. 

HPV Vaccination

HPV Vaccination

There exists a vaccine to protect and prevent you from contracting the Human Papillomavirus. This vaccine targets the types of HPV that cause most cervical cancers as well as most strains of genital warts.

Vaccination for business

Vaccination for Business

Facilitating the vaccination of your employees is an investment for the future of both your employees and your business! 

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Our services are available in convenient locations across Quebec & Ontario. Click below to find the nearest travel clinic

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CTV News talks about the rising case of measles in Ontario and visits our Etobicoke travel clinic to learn more about how Summit Health Travel Clinics protect travelers

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Destination Advice

Search for information by continent or country with our travel advice and vaccination recommendations

Travel to Thailand

Backpacking destination par excellence, the infinitely fascinating Thailand has many facets. There is the capital city, Bangkok, with its extravagant gilded temples and its absolutely crazy nightlife. 

Whatever your next stop, we provide advice for any destination here. 

The most adventurous venture into the island to swim in its majestic waterfalls, get lost in its lush jungles, hike its mountains and spot whales on the horizon… 

Whatever your next stop, we provide advice for any destination here. 

Travel to Dominican Republic
Travel to Mexico

Mexico is extremely diverse and often paradoxical. With lush jungles, cactus dotted deserts, snow-capped volcanoes, sandy beaches and colorful coral reefs, the nature here is incredibly spectacular.

Whatever your next stop, we provide advice for any destination here.