Travel Vaccine Booster

Booster Vaccinations

Stay on track with you vaccination series with vaccines in stock and available

We offer booster appointments for existing and new patients. Boosters ensure that your vaccine has its full effectiveness and that you are fully protected

  • Boosters ensure that you get the full protection of your vaccinations which in some cases is lifetime protection

  • Depending on the vaccine, 1 or 2 additional boosters may be required

  • Our vaccination experts will walk you through your vaccinations and schedules to ensure you are aware of the timelines and coverage

  •  Ensure your appointment is efficient by choosing Summit Health and our network of fully stocked clinics


Keep up to date with your vaccines and ensure full vaccine effectiveness with this quick appointment


*price does not include cost of vaccines


No, Consultation and treatment fees are not reimbursed by RAMQ. However, some insurance plans may cover the cost of the vaccine.Please verify with your insurance provider. 

When you come for your appointment, please bring the following with you:

  • Your health insurance card
  • Your immunization record  
  • The confirmation number for your appointment 
  • A mask or face covering
  • Wear a short-sleeved shirt

Our $20 appointment fee includes your injection fee. Aside of the cost of the vaccines themselves there are no additional fees