Being part of a group has its perks! Are many of you planning a trip together? Rest assured! Whether you plan to travel with classmates, family members, friends, or coworkers, you can maximize your time and minimize your expenses by coming for a consultation with your group.

A nurse, specializing in travel health, will advise you on the best ways to remain healthy while you are away. Furthermore, you can receive your travel vaccines at one of our 7 locations or for corporations it can be done in the office. Why not schedule your consultation together?

Note that depending on your health and immunization status, different vaccines may be recommended for each group member. Prior to your consultation, a short medical questionnaire will be provided to each group member. The information provided will enable us to tailor our recommendations to your needs. Additionally, the nurse will use the provided information to give you the appropriate travel prescriptions (examples: medications to prevent malaria or altitude sickness, antibiotics to treat traveller’s diarrhea).

Whether you need travel vaccines, routine vaccines or the flu vaccine, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment at 1 of our 7 clinics.

We offer a discount for group consultations at one of our clinics or at your office.* The trip organizers may also benefit from an additional discount!

The vaccines are available on-site, without prescription.

*Consultation costs are applicable.

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