Virtual Travel Consultations

Meet with one of Summit’s Travel Health nurses via video call and travel with peace of mind. 

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You can easily book your Virtual Travel Consultation online or by calling us at 1-888-224-8809.

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Each trip and traveller is different, so it's important that the nurse has all the information on your health history and planned itinerary.

Join Your Travel Consult Video Call

During your video call, a nurse will walk you through all the health risks that you could encounter during your travels and the preventative measures that can be taken.

Get Your Vaccines & Prescription

Visit one of our clinics to have the vaccinations administered and get a prescription for the recommended medications. Your prescription for medications can also be faxed to your pharmacy.

Schedule your Virtual Travel Consultation appointment and prepare for a “Bon Voyage!”
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Travel Health consultation & vaccination

What is a Virtual Travel Consultation?

As with our consultations in-clinic, during your Virtual Travel Health Consultation you will connect Summit Health nurse, specialized in Travel Health. The nurse will determine your risk factors for certain preventable diseases in accordance with your destination, length of stay, type of trip, and your medical and immunization history. The nurse will recommend vaccinations to ensure the best possible protection during your stay abroad. The nurse is also equipped to prescribe you antibiotics for traveller’s diarrhea, antimalarials, and medications for high altitude, as applicable.

The nurse’s goal is to provide you with the best information on how to protect yourself while travelling, so that you can make the most of your trip and create happy memories to last a lifetime! 

Once you’ve completed your video call, you can make an appointment to visit our clinic to have your vaccines administered and to pick up a prescription for the recommended medications. If you are unable to come to the clinic, we can fax the prescription for travel medications to your local pharmacy. 

Note: we cannot send a prescription for vaccines. All vaccinations must be done at a Summit Health clinic. 


Once you have your itinerary set, we recommend that you have your consultation 6-8 weeks before you travel.

To ensure maximum protection from illness, some vaccines need to be administered in 2 doses prior to your trip. The delay required between the 2 doses depends on the vaccine.

For last minute travellers, please note that most medications prescribed are for during your travels, and many vaccines may be administered 2 weeks prior to your trip. 

After your Virtual Travel Consultation, you can book a follow-up appointment at one of our clinics to receive the recommended vaccine. You can also pick up your prescription for travel medication at a Summit Health clinic or have it faxed to your pharmacy.

RAMQ does not reimburse the cost of travel vaccines or consultation fees. However, private health insurance companies often reimburse a portion of the costs. Check with your benefits provider to understand what your plan covers.

Our prescriptions which are sent to pharmacies are only for travel related medications (e.g. malaria, travelers diarrhea) . For those patients within areas our clinics service, we ask that you visit our clinic to have vaccines administered or to pickup oral vaccines such as Vivotif and Dukoral.