3990 Rue Jarry E, Suite L, Montréal, QC H1Z 0A5

The Rosemont travel & vaccination clinic is conveniently located at 3990 Rue Jarry E, Suite L and is easily accessible for patients in Villeray, Jean Talon and Rosemont. Clinique du Voyageur by Summit Health is located in the 3990 rue Jarry Est Centre des Affaires/Business Centre, with the entrance on 22e Avenue.

Blood Testing: Summit Health offers blood tests through CDL Laboratories. We offer not only travel-specific blood tests for covid and hepatitis antibodies but other blood tests for general health needs (e.g., thyroid, fertility, diabetes).

Travel Consultations: The Summit Health team specializes in travel health and will make recommendations for precautions to take during your trip, vaccinations to take pre-travel and medications to bring with you. Each case is different (traveller & trip) so it is important to consult with a professional who will make recommendations specific to your case. This way you can travel with peace of mind.

Private & Routine Vaccinations. – The Rosemont travel & vaccination clinic offers private vaccines not covered by the RAMQ such as Shingles, Gardasil and Pneumovax.

We are the clinic of choice for family physician referrals in Rosemont, Villeray, Jean-Talon, and Saint-Michel.

TRAVEL CONSULTATIONS AT THE Rosemont Vaccination & Travel Clinic

We prepare our travellers to avoid illnesses like hepatitis A and mosquito-borne diseases like Japanese Encephalitis. Our doctors can prescribe anti-malarial medication and make sure you’re up to date on routine immunizations. During a consultation, one of our travel health professionals will:

  • Assess your childhood immunization records and your medical history.
  • Explain the risks of exotic diseases and any ongoing outbreaks in your destination.
  • Discuss and administer vaccinations against polio, hepatitis A, and other common diseases and prescribe the required medications.
  • Address all your possible travel health inquiries.

We help all types of travelers to see the world, safely: volunteers on aid trips to India, business consultants heading to China or backpackers travelling to Brazil.

Our advice is distinct and custom-built to your health and type of journey.

DIRECTIONS TO The Rosemont Vaccination & Travel Clinic

The entrance for the Summit Health Rosemont clinic is on 22nd Avenue, between rue Jarry E and rue Paul Huet. Clinique du Voyageur by Summit Health is suite “L” in the Business Centre.
                                  ***Please note this clinic does not have wheelchair accessibility***
By metro and/or bus: From Jarry metro, take bus 193 and get off at the Pie-IX stop. At Pie-IX you can take bus 139, 439, 41 or 355 and exit at the corner of Pie-IX and Jarry Est.
By car: Use this link for directions from your location. Coming from Highway 15, take exit 1-E for Highway 40, take exit 76 for Pie-IX boulevard. Follow Cremazie boulevard and turn left, then turn right on 22nd Avenue, the clinic is at the corner of Jarry Est.
Parking: Street parking can be found on 22e Avenue and rue Paul Huet.
Entrance 3990 rue jarry E suite L
Rosemont Clinique du Voyageur by Summit Health Entrance on 22e Avenue
3990 rue Jarry E, Suite L
Clinique du Voyageur - Rosemont, Suite L

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