Patient Support For Specialty Medications

Summit Health offers patients who are taking specialty medications, a few support services such as; blood testing, TB testing, vaccination reviews and vaccination updates.

How It Works

Our team, including the patient support specialists, will work with you on getting the services you need before, during or after a specialty medication treatment.

We’ll send a detailed summary of your visit to your doctor to ensure smooth communication and continuity of care.

Our patient support services include the following:


Note that most private insurance plans cover vaccines and blood testing.

Contact Us

To learn more about our patient support services and how we can help, please fill in the form below and our patient support specialists will reach out to see how we can best serve you

    Is there any additional cost?

    No, there is no additional cost for our patient support services, just the standard cost of our tests and services. 

    Do you work with custom protocols?

    Yes, we will work with your healthcare provider or drug manufacturer to make sure your testing and healthcare service needs are met. If we are unable to complete a test at our clinic we will refer you to a partner clinic as part of our service.

    What specialties do you work with?

    We work with all medical specialties including neurology, rheumatology and pneumology