Virtual Testing

How Virtual Covid Testing Works

virtual COVID testing offers the safest and easiest way to get tested. In virtual testing, rapid antigen tests are sent to you and performed via video chat with one of our registered nurses. 

  • Results within 15 minutes
  • Guaranteed appointment times to ensure a stress free pre-travel day
  • Good for the USA & worldwide travel that accepts Antigen tests
  • Digital results sent directly to you

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Tests sent directly to you and performed in the comfort of your own home. Reschedule anytime for free. 

Schedule Your Virtual Consultation

Securely purchase your remote test by providing your address and booking a video appointment with one of our medical professionals

Receive Your Tests By Mail

Your tests will arrive safely by mail. We always make sure we send two tests to be sure there are no issues and to avoid any unnecessary stress before your travels.

Join Your Video Call

Durring your video call, one of our medical professionals will walk you through how to safely perform your test. Once complete you will take a photo of your test and identification to verify the results

Receive Your Results Electronically

Once your test has been verified by our team your results will be sent electronically to you and ready for travel

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping is usually 3-4 days across Canada. As a precaution, we only allow appointments to be booked 7 days in advance to ensure your tests have arrived before your appointment

We support most modern browsers and mobile platforms. Below is a list of officially supported browsers

Browser support
Chrome 74 and above
Safari 12.1 and above
Firefox 78 ESR and above
Microsoft Edge 74 and above.
Electron 6 and above
iOS Safari (in iOS 12.1 and later)
3rd-party browsers (such as Chrome) and in-app browsers (such as the Gmail app’s built-in browser) using WKWebView, as of iOS 14
Android Chrome, Firefox, Samsung Internet, and Chromium-based 3rd-party browsers

Mobile Support
iOS 12.1 and later versions
Android 5.0 and above with current security and platform updates

Before your consultation, you are sent a link to upload a photo of our tests to verify. You can quickly take a photo with your phone and it will automatically send it to our medical team for verification

We provide 2 antigen tests per person just in case there is an issue with one. If you your first test has no issues then you can keep the second for personal use

Results are typically sent 15 minutes after we receive the verification of your test. Results are sent via e-mail with an attachment that can be downloaded offline for your travels

Unlike in-person appointments, remote appointments cannot be canceled because we are shipping products to you. Remote appointments can be rescheduled for free however. 

Summit Health offers a customized corporates services for businesses and organizations looking to keep their employees safe. Please contact us to learn more

Book Online Today

Tests sent directly to you and performed in the comfort of your own home. Reschedule anytime for free. 

Virtual Testing For Organizations

We offer customized plans for organizations to keep your employees safe. Contact us to get a personalize testing plan for your organization

  • Dedicated scheduling
  • Avoid positive employees showing up to work
  • Protect our staff & workplace