Motion Sickness Disease (MSD)


Motion Sickness is a fairly common condition affecting travelers as it is typically experienced during travel by car, train, airplane or boat. There is very little we can do to treat this condition- here are a few tried and tested ideas.

  • Taking Gravol (antiemetic) over the counter medication prior to the trip
  • Gravol natural source ginger tablets & lozenges (to be taken at least 30 mins before departure)
  • Avoiding to read
  • Seating yourself in the front and by an open window
  • Keeping your eyes looking straight ahead
  • Chewing on ginger chews or sucking on peppermint candies
  • Relaxation techniques

 Countries & areas :

  • India (for the northern mountainous region)

  • Nepal (Mt Everest: base camp #1 6,000m, Camp #2 6,400m, Camp #3 7,200m, Camp #4 7,950m and Summit 8,848m)

  • Bhutan

  • China (Tibet)

  • Tanzania (Mt Kilimanjaro- 5,895m)

  • Kenya (Mt Kenya- 5,199m)

  • Ecuador

  • Chile

  • Argentina

  • Bolivia (La Paz city 3,500m, northern regions ranging up to 4,000m)

Peru (Huascarán 6,768m, Cuzco 3,400m, Machu Picchu peaks at 3,950m)