Mindful eating and travel


While traveling, we tend to forget to follow our usual healthy diet. In the airport, in the plane, on the road… We are always on the rush and we usually choose the easiest and cheapest solution : eating in fast food restaurants. Yet, it is widely known that this kind of food is far from being nutritive and healthy. But is it possible to eat healthy while traveling, on the highway or in the airport ? The answer is yes, it is. But you will need to adequately plan your itinerary, and to spot the best places where to eat in advance.

Before your departure, have a look on internet, and spot the restaurants offering healthy and good quality food which are located on your itinerary or in the airports you will frequent. As a result, you will know where to go, and you will avoid eating in the first cheap fast food outlet you will see. Note that even in the smallest airports, it is possible to find good restaurants offering healthier food. Do not deprive yourself of food, just avoid eating too much fat. Instead, consume food rich in carbohydrates and proteins, and drink a lot of water.

Another solution is to pack your own meals and snacks when you travel. This is possible when you travel by car, by train, and even by plane. Just keep in mind that you can not bring liquids through security checks in airports. But you are allowed to have fruits, veggies or trail mix in your hand luggage. When traveling by car, put your food in a cool box to keep it cold and to avoid food poisoning. Be especially careful about sandwiches, cheese, meat and milk.

Moreover, when you book your accommodation, choose a hotel or a resort with a fitness center or a swimming pool, where you will be able to exercise. This will have a highly positive impact on your health.

Traveling doesn’t mean forgetting all your healthy habits. It is absolutely possible to enjoy your holidays, discover a new country and have fun, while keeping a healthy lifestyle, like having a balanced diet and practicing daily exercise. The key is to adequately plan your holidays ahead !