Major Canada-wide Shortage Yellow Fever Vaccine

There is currently an ongoing, Canada-wide shortage in the supply of the only available vaccine against Yellow Fever (YF-VAX).  The supplier of the vaccine has informed us that the shortage will be in effect until at least the end of December 2018.

The Greater Montreal Travel Clinic, like all Yellow Fever Vaccination Centers designated by the Public Health Agency of Canada, will receive a limited, allocated supply of the vaccine each month. To optimize our managment of the supply, we have centralized all of our allocated supply to our clinic in downtown Montreal, on Beaver Hall.

The doses generally arrive at the beginning of each month and will be dispensed on a first-come- first- served basis. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to put aside or reserve doses. We apologize for any incovenience that this may cause.

This shortage is widespread and is not within our control.

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