Healthy food and transportation


Maintaining your healthy eating habits while on a plane or in a train is a real challenge. However, it is possible, provided you follow some simple tips, which will enable you to have a healthy trip and to return home without one or two additional sizes !


Whether you travel by train, by car or by plane, keep in mind that it is possible to bring food in your hand luggage. So don’t hesitate to pack your own healthy meals and snacks !

  • Bring nuts and other dry fruits, like shelled pistachios, dried cranberries, raisins and almonds. For a lower caloric intake, add some cereals rich in fibers to your dried fruit mix.
  • Make natural peanut butter sandwiches.
  • Bring plenty of fresh fruits, like apples and bananas (which are easy to pack), as well as vegetable slices. If you don’t have time to cut the veggies before traveling, you can purchase them pre-sliced.
  • Indulge yourself with healthy sweet food bars, but be careful of the sugar they contain. It is better to choose bars which don’t contain more than 12 grams of sugar.
  • Bring protein powders. When you finish your bottle of water, you can re-fill it with these powders, mixed with water or skim milk.
  • Drink a lot of water, especially during long travels. Drinking herbal tea, such as ginger or chamomile, is also a good way to avoid dehydration and its bad effects, such as headaches, muscular cramps and fatigue.


When eating unhealthy food while traveling, it is common to be affected by stomach ache, diarrhea and body weakness. Always remain careful about the food you consume and keep these unpleasant health disorders in mind.

Note that in the plane, it is usually possible to benefit from meals adapted to specific diets, like vegetarian, gluten-free and fat-free meals for example. Don’t hesitate to contact your airline company before traveling to inquire about those specific diets.

Never drink alcohol while traveling, especially if you are driving.

If you travel by car, don’t forget to bring a cool box. This will enable you to carry a wider variety of healthy food, and to keep it fresh.

Most people usually rush on the waiting rooms in airports and bus terminals. However, note that it is better to move your body than to wait seated on a chair, even if you are tired of traveling. Moreover, walking will help your blood to circulate well in your body and prevent thrombosis.

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