Anxiety and travel


People victim of anxiety disorders constantly experience difficulties in their everyday life, because of their permanent state of excessive stress. They never feel safe, and have no self-confidence. These troubles can be very hard to handle when traveling, as the radical environment and lifestyle changes will create a deep feeling of insecurity. Their anxiety may even be worsened by the fear of not controlling their nervousness in front of other people. But if you suffer from this kind of troubles, it is not a reason to avoid traveling and to stay locked in your house ! By following some simple tips, you will be able to overcome your fears and to enjoy pleasant holidays.


If you tend to be victim of nervousness crises, avoid unexpected nasty surprises and anxious situations by meticulously planning your trip before your departure. You must be aware of every detail of your holidays, from the departure time of your flight and how to go to the airport, to the location of your accommodation and your schedule after your arrival. Book everything ahead and write down all these details on a notepad. It is a good idea to see a doctor before your departure. Talk to him/her about your anxiety and your fears, and ask to be prescribed tranquilizers if necessary. You can also prepare your mind and your body a few days before traveling, by practicing relaxation exercises, deep breathing techniques, meditation or yoga every day. This will help you to control your anxiety.


While traveling, don’t focus on what other people could think of you, and don’t think that everybody is constantly staring at you. You must chase these insecurity feelings away to enjoy your holidays. Try to keep your mind busy with something else and stay discreet. For example, when you are on the plane or in the train, you can read a book, listen to some music or play your favorite video game. This doesn’t mean that you must avoid communicating with other people. On the contrary, chatting with somebody about everything and nothing will help you to forget your anxiety and your constant feeling of panic. Just avoid talking about unpleasant topics which could upset you.


It is important that you don’t constantly try to control all what you say and do. This will only result in more anxiety. Don’t be too hard with yourself, relax, and let yourself go. If you start being affected by stress and anxiety, quickly control your breathing. Slowly inspire through your nose for 5 to 7 seconds, then try to hold your breath for 3 to 4 seconds, and finally slowly expire through your mouth for 5 to 7 seconds. Repeat this exercise until you calm down. Over time, you will be able to control your anxiety easier and easier. If you have the opportunity, why not enjoying a massage or a yoga session while traveling ?


Being accompanied by a travel buddy is the best solution to fight your anxiety disorders. You will have somebody to rely on in case of problem and to share you thoughts with. This will make you feel safer, and you will be stronger to face unexpected situations. Choose your travel buddy carefully, he/she must not be an additional source of anxiety !