Petty crime, such as pickpocketing and purse snatching, occurs, particularly in crowded markets and on ferries.

Theft from hotel rooms and from vehicles is common.

  • Ensure that your personal belongings, including your passport and other travel documents, are secure at all times.
  • Keep your car doors locked and windows closed at all times.
  • Don’t show signs of affluence.
  • Check with local authorities to determine which beaches are safe.
  • Don’t bring valuables or large sums of money to the beach.
  • Avoid isolated beaches.

Beware of men (so-called “bumsters”) who offer to be tour guides, as they are likely to demand payment afterwards, even if that was not previously agreed upon. Politely decline any unsolicited offer.


Demonstrations may occur. Even peaceful demonstrations can turn violent at any time. They can also lead to disruptions to traffic and public transportation.

  • Avoid areas where demonstrations and large gatherings are taking place
  • Follow the instructions of local authorities
  • Monitor local media for information on ongoing demonstrations

More about mass gatherings (large-scale events)


In the greater Banjul area, main roads are paved but are narrow, potholed and poorly lit. Most roads outside the capital are unpaved.

Outside major cities, four-wheel drive vehicles are necessary, particularly during the rainy season.

Avoid driving outside urban areas after dark. Contact the nearest police station if involved in a traffic accident. Police roadblocks are common throughout the country and identification documents may be requested. Stop at all security roadblocks and checkpoints and cooperate with local authorities.


Be careful when travelling overland to the Casamance region in Senegal, as separatist rebels operate in this area. Travellers have been attacked on roads leading north from Ziguinchor, Senegal, to Banjul, Gambia, and on Senegalese roads from Bignona to Senoba, which is near the Senegal–Gambia border.

Travel Advice and Advisories for Senegal

It is dangerous to cross the Gambia River on wooden pirogues, due to overcrowding and the lack of security measures.


Tourist facilities are limited outside of Banjul.


We do not make assessments on the compliance of foreign domestic airlines with international safety standards.

General information about foreign domestic airlines